Monday, March 16, 2009

Here we go.... again

Well, it was 12 weeks to the day (on Friday the 13th) when Eli tore his OTHER knee up. We were doing pretty great with the walks and got the OK on February 13th from the surgeon for resumed activity. I was giving him a bath, and while drying him off, he got a bit frisky (as we all do) and he started running around me with the towel when I heard the dreaded "yelp". Leg up, he booked into the house, laid right down, and hasn't been up since except to do his business outside. Off to the surgeon tomorrow for a consult, but both Eli and I are saying to ourselves "mmmm I have some recollection of what this is all about". The crate, the pen, the mats..... they're all coming out tomorrow.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 17

Okay..... so I have read and re-read the instructions on Eli's post-surgery care, and have also done some research online. I have come to the conclusion that I am going to take the more liberal rehab route and start walking him... 2 ten minute walks a day. Unfortunately, Eli is not all that food motivated (which leads me to question if he is, in fact, a real dog) so getting him focused on treat dispensing toys is impossible, no matter what I put in them. After two full weeks home with little physical activity (this applies to both Eli AND myself) we are loving any opportunity to get outside to enjoy this beautiful January Florida weather. His stiches came out on Day 10, so no more E-collar for him.
More later....