Monday, March 16, 2009

Here we go.... again

Well, it was 12 weeks to the day (on Friday the 13th) when Eli tore his OTHER knee up. We were doing pretty great with the walks and got the OK on February 13th from the surgeon for resumed activity. I was giving him a bath, and while drying him off, he got a bit frisky (as we all do) and he started running around me with the towel when I heard the dreaded "yelp". Leg up, he booked into the house, laid right down, and hasn't been up since except to do his business outside. Off to the surgeon tomorrow for a consult, but both Eli and I are saying to ourselves "mmmm I have some recollection of what this is all about". The crate, the pen, the mats..... they're all coming out tomorrow.


  1. wow... i really need to be more careful with my moose 8-( although a lot of people feel that if it is going to happen there is not much you can do and I think Eli is proof of that. Poor guy! I did not realize he was that 'lame' (sorry Eli that is what they call it). I hope the old knee is as ok as it was. keep us posted!

  2. so sorry to hear! It is definitely something we all dread - let us know how it goes!