Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 4 home

Well, a new problem has revealed itself.... How to keep an active dog who thinks he feels better calm and quiet for the next 24 days. Eli is acting more like the dog I recognize each day, which includes wanting to be out of the pen and wanting to spend a lot of time outside. He is procrastinating doing his business outside to be able to spend more time out there. Since I am home for the next two weeks, I have been letting him out of his jail during the day under a watchful eye. However, when given the choice, he just goes in his pen and lays down and stares at the floor. I think a trip to Petco is in order to try and get some toys that may alleviate some boredom. We tried the E-collar last night, fondly referred to as the lampshade, and we were able to deal with it until about 5am. We will try again tonight.

1 comment:

  1. Glad to hear he is being more himself but it does make life more challenging! Moose will no longer have anyting to do with his pen after his traumatic experience and taste of freedom! As long as he is happy in there keep it up so he does not get used to life on the outside then refuse to go back in! Handsome pic too!